Beyond Max Teeth Whitening

Allen, TX Teeth Whitening: Beyond Max Helps Limit Tooth Sensitivity

Long-Lasting Teeth Whitening with Beyond Max

Medical research has shown a direct link between a person's smile, and the impact it has on health, and well-being. In fact, results from a study conducted by psychological scientists reveal the act of smiling actually makes people feel better! (

Dr. Shahdad and her team at DFW Absolute Dental understand the importance of a healthy, attractive smile. Their convenient Plano location offers teeth whitening using Beyond Max products. Beyond Max treatments provide dramatic smile transformations for almost anyone who wants to have whiter teeth.

DFW Absolute Dental is confident that Beyond Max whitening treatments effectively eradicate staining and discoloration as caused by tobacco use, or by other substances such as tea and coffee. The Beyond Max whitening treatment has also treated teeth stained by tetracycline, discolored by fluoride, and genetic conditions.

What is Beyond Max?

Beyond Max is a teeth whitening gel that is applied to the surface of the teeth during an in-house appointment. The whitening agent is activated using a bleaching light. Because the gel rapidly infiltrates the tooth, desired results are seen after only a couple of sessions.

Why Beyond Max?

Dr. Shahdad is focused on providing the Plano community with comprehensive, effective dental care and only selects products that meet her patients' needs. The Beyond Max whitening system is available through DFW Absolute Dental because it supports oral health, as well as producing spectacular whitening results:

Reduces Sensitivity The Beyond Max solution contains a hydrogen molecule, which keeps teeth moist and helps reduce sensitivity.

Convenience Most patients see 2-3 shade differences in a single treatment (45 minutes to an hour) – a second treatment permits the doctor to make adjustments based on patient expectations or desired results. No more giving up multiple lunch breaks in search for a brighter smile!

Long-Lasting  - Dr. Shahdad and her staff help patients maintain their new smile, and increase the longevity of the Beyond Max treatment. With proper care and attention, results can last up to a year.

Economical - Most patients see a dramatic difference in one full treatment.  Additional treatments can be completed at a patient's request.

Non-InvasiveTraditional alternatives, such as veneers or composites, usually involve removing enamel, or other invasive procedures. However, Beyond Max is a topical application and non-invasive, reducing discomfort from the whitening process.

Whiten Your Smile at DFW Absolute Dental

The staff at DFW Absolute Dental make the whitening process simple. Dr. Shahdad conducts a dental exam with x-rays to determine the cause of tooth discoloration. Results determine whether Beyond Max is the right course of treatment. 

Although many patients qualify for Beyond Max, teeth that have been affected by trauma or abscess may require additional dental work. Pregnant women, or patients under the age of 16 should not receive Beyond Max treatments and will be offered appropriate alternatives. 

Discover whether Beyond Max is the right choice for you – call DFW Absolute Dental at our Plano office and make an appointment today