Patient Reviews
 Patient Reviews

We want to let all of our patients to know the type of practice they are trusting with their oral health!


To achieve this goal, we have provided feedback from our current patients!


Also there are links below to write your own reviews to help us improve our patient care!


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"Dr. Shahdad is amazing. I'm the biggest baby at the dentist lol but she took good care of me. She made sure I was comfortable and as if I was in pain before the crime scene was created lol aka tooth extraction. She is the best and the office is clean and the dental assistance is a lot of fun and does her job well! Great service awesome staff and clean can't beat it." #HappyPatient


"Very friendly, and helpful receptionist, capable and friendly technician who did the Zoom Whitening. I had a very good result and will probably go again." #HappyPatient

"I had a pleasant experience at her dental office and would highly recommend them to someone looking for a great dentist." #HappyPatient


"I found DFW Absolute Dental to be a well ran professional office. My appointment was pleasant and the work performed was beyond my expectations." #HappyPatient

"Based on my experience, I would likely return to DFW Absolute Dental except for the fact that i am already established with a dentist closer to my home. The staff was friendly, efficient, and professional." #HappyPatient

"Incredibly nice staff! A wonderful experience, great quality. Will return!" #HappyPatient


***For privacy purposes, we did not include patient names or initials, these reviews can be found on our facebook, google, yelp, and other sites for patient reviews!